What do these three words mean to YOU?  Do you believe in the cosmos,  that we are made of stardust therefore there is a magical element to our existance? Or do you think the miracle of nature and of all creation that you are a part of explains your magic? Or the way you lead your life everyday makes you observe so much magic that you can’t help but feel like a sprinkle of a unicorn rainbow? Well all of the above and everything else in between is what I mean when I stamp these words. In my vocabulary, I equate magic to miracles, big and small. The more you are in tuned in your life and with your sorroundings the more magic you will experience. When we connect to this believe through love, trust and gratitude, we inevitably start to be it. What we believe, we become. We are Magic. When we are loving, we are magic, when we are kind, we are magic, when we serve humanity, we are Magic. Never underestimate the power of a loving word, a kind gesture, or a rightful movement for justice. These small and big things can transform lives and do reside as miracles in many hearts. Recognize the magic in you and do life from that miraculous place♥️