Our thoughts create our reality.

What we think becomes what we speak, what we speak becomes what we do, what we do becomes who we are. Our essence is pure but there is a lot of conditioning throughout our lives. Traumas and experiences become our identity, our shields. There is much suffering, big and small because we allow these experiences define us. These conditionings can be replaced by TRUTH and the power lies within. To act from a place of LOVE, GRATITUDE and COMPASSION is key to finding PEACE and JOY in our human experience. When we speak to ourselves, let’s speak with love, when we speak to others or about others, let’s speak with love, let’s treat earth, our mother, with Love. It takes practice and a true commitment of presence and forgiveness, we will stumble many times but know that you can always choose again. The process is the work, the beauty is witnessing our transformation back into ourselves. It is not about seeking our idea of perfect, or not honoring being authentic, there is nothing more authentic that being LOVE. SPEAK INTO BEING, the journey awaits you♥️