Welcome to the Amlove Design Blog ♥️

Amlove was created around my belief and understanding  that words carry energy.  When we think, speak or just read highly vibrational words, such as LOVE and GRATITUDE,   we subconsciously activate a place within us that becomes the foundation for how we act in the world. WORDS CREATE WORLDS!  I like to think that my pieces serve as small reminders to anchor us back with our truth, the knowing that we are LOVE.  During this global crisis, it is even more relevant to remind ourselves of our loving and grateful heart. Fear, uncertainty, panic, loneliness even boredom can bring our vibrational energy down. Believe me, I go through all of it daily but then  I quickly remember to find peace in the NOW, the present moment offers many possibilities for love, safety, health and gratitude. Even in the depths of despair and suffering there is an opportunity to experience GRACE. We are called to be of service to one another, and it ranges from heroic acts like those of the medical and food service community to just staying home for the good of the whole. When you CHOOSE LOVE and you connect with that place, your heart opens up to meet the moment. Circumstances don’t necessarily change, but how you show up certainly does. This moment is your life, make it matter. 
In gratitude to all of you